Friday, 31 July 2015

• Review - Lush's Bubblegum Lip Scrub •

Hello! I hope you are all having a good day. I decided I wanted to do my first review on this blog. This is a review on a product I recently bought - Lush's lip scrub in the flavour bubblegum. 

Let's look at the back story shall we? My friends went to Dublin in May and all four of them picked up this lip scrub. They all only had good things to say about this product, pointing out that it really helps with chapped lips. Once they said this, I knew I had to get this product, as I am a huge sufferer of chapped lips. 

A few days ago, I went to Dublin to see Ed Sheeran. Before the concert, we had a little bit of time to go into some shops to have a look around. I immediately went into Lush to pick up this lip scrub. 

Basically, inside the tub is pink caster sugar. You take a small amount on your finger, rub it on your lips and wipe, or lick, the excess amount off. 

I was immediately pleased with the results. It left my lips feeling much softer and it got rid of the chapped feeling. I also love how good it smells and tastes. It has such a strong scent, which I find amazing. 

The only thing that was a negative for me was how much it costed - €6.95 for the little tub. However, if you are like me, and suffer with chapped lips, especially during the colder seasons, it is so worth it. I have been searching high and low for something to help with my chapped lips and this has been a life saver. I also realised that although the tub looks so small, it actually will last me quite a long time.

Have you ever tried Lush's lip scrubs? If so, what do you think of them? Let me know in the comments!

I hope you enjoyed this quick little post.

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Disclaimer - this is not sponsored. All opinions are my own.

Monday, 27 July 2015

• My Ed Sheeran Concert Experience •

Friday night was one of the best nights of my life. Yeah, I think that's a good opening sentence for this blog post. It's true though. I felt so pumped and I have never felt so hyper after a concert. Okay, I don't want to bore you with the details before the concert so I will get right into it.

After our Nando's we headed to Croke Park and started queuing to get in. This was around half four / five o' clock, which to us, wasn't that early. There were already tons of people at this stage so we expected to be standing near enough to the back. Boy, were we wrong! The security took us through the tunnel. One of my friends remarked that she could've sworn they said pit standing. However, the rest of us thought that they said pitch standing. It turns out that my friend was right! We ended up being four rows from the front. I couldn't believe our luck. I was jumping up and down with excitement.

As we were waiting for the concert to start, we started talking to the people around us. They were from all over Ireland and some even travelled from countries such as Luxembourg. The crowd wasn't rowdy at all, to my relief. We were all just super excited to see Ed Sheeran.

At six o'clock, the first opening act, Gavin James preformed. I listened to his music before the concert so I was so excited to see him live. He has such a beautiful voice and he got the crowd hyped. I enjoyed that he included to audience and got us to sing certain parts and harmonies. The crowd definitely loved him and my friends were pleasantly surprised at how good he was live. Half way through his set, Jamie Lawson came on stage and they sang a duet. I had heard of Jamie Lawson before but I never had the chance to listen to any of his music. He was amazing. Their voices sounded so good together too. I highly recommend you look them both up. They are both ones to watch.

After Gavin James, a band called BellX1 came onstage. To me, they weren't particularly the best. I mean, that's just my opinion. I didn't feel an ounce of excitement whilst they were on. I just wanted Ed to come on at this point.

Finally, after a load of ' ole's ' and chants from the crowd, Ed came on stage. The whole stadium went wild for him. His opening, I'm A Mess, got the crowd so pumped for the entire show. I knew from then that the concert was going to be an incredible experience.

 - Ed's Setlist -
• I'm a Mess
• Lego House
• Drunk
• Take it Back / Ain't No Sunshine / Supersition 
• Raglan Road / One / Photograph
• Bloodstream 
• Tenerife Sea
• Don't / Loyal / No Diggity / Nina
• Feeling Good / I See Fire
• All I Want ( with Kodaline )
• Give Me Love 
• I Was Made to Love Her
• Thinking Out Loud 
• The Parting Glass / The A Team
~ The Encore ~
• You Need Me, I Don't Need You
• Sing

One of my main highlights from the concert was when Kodaline came on stage. Ed and Kodaline sang All I Want. They left us sing by ourselves. Over 80,000 people were singing the song back to them. From where I was standing, I could see all of their facial expressions. They all looked so proud and emotional. It was the most incredible feeling in the world.

I was also in so much awe when he sang The Parting Glass. I was really hoping he would sing it and I constantly begged him on Twitter to sing it. Towards the end of the concert, I felt that he wasn't going to sing it. When he sang the first word, I smiled so much and I almost cried - I was just way too happy to cry! 

He interacted so much with the audience. He got us to sing so many harmonies. For example, in some songs, he got one half of the stadium to sing the low harmony and the other half to sing the high harmonies. I felt goosebumps go through my body. He also looked like he was having the time of his life up on that stage.

I was in so much awe by what one man, one guitar and a loop pedal could do. There were no backing tracks, no dancers, no gimmicks - just pure Ed Sheeran. 

It was one hundred percent the best concert I have ever been to and I don't think anything will top the night that Ed Sheeran played Croker. 

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Thursday, 23 July 2015

• My Concert Essentials •

It is only one more day until I get to see the magical ginger genius that is, of course, Mr. Ed Sheeran. I am so excited for this concert and I felt it was only right to do a quick blog post on what I am bringing with me.

Although mine is not pictured, the number one essential that you need to bring to a concert is your ticket! Remember, if you forget your ticket, you cannot get into the concert. That is everyone's worst nightmare. Always have your ticket when you are going to a concert.

                   - A Bag -

I feel that it is important to bring a few things to a concert to be prepared. That is why a suitable bag is important. I borrowed my bag from my aunt and it is from Oasis ( not entirely sure if it's still being sold or not ). The great thing about my bag is that it is a cross body bag. It also has three compartments and it is not too big. It is the perfect size plus all of my items fit. I feel that cross body bags are probably the most suitable for a concert because you are guaranteed that your items will be safe. My bag also has a zip and a lock so my items will be pretty secure.

            - A Small Purse -

        €6.99 - Claire's Accessories 

Although I have a big purse, I wanted to bring a small coin purse instead so I am not rooting for money. I feel that this size is perfect to bring to a concert. Also, can we just appreciate how cute it is?

- A Portable Charger / Charger Phone Case -

I ordered mine from Amazon. A charger phone case is extremely important for a concert, especially if you are travelling. Naturally, on a long journey, you will want to listen to music, text people or scroll through social media. Before you know it,  your phone will be on the verge of dying before the concert even begins! That is everyone's worst nightmare. The phone case will literally save the day.

            - A Hairband -

I think it costed €5.99 and it is from New Look. I have been growing out my fringe because I want to have an up-do for my debs. However, it has been an absolute nightmare trying to keep it tidy. I really wanted to get a flower crown but when I saw this, I felt it was the perfect combination of something pretty and something to keep my hair tidy. Hairbands are perfect for a concert as they keep your hair out of your face.

           - Poncho -

               €4.00 - Tiger

Rain Ponchos are a must for an outdoor concert. They may be crazy looking, but they keep you from getting soaked. You can just roll them up in your bag and you are good to go! 

      - Concealer & Powder -

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer - €6.99
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder - €5.99

Unfortunately, I will be travelling to get to the concert and I will be putting on my makeup early in the morning. The powder and the concealer are a convenient size and they are very travel friendly. I can just touch up my makeup before the concert.

                - EarPhones - 

        Ear Pollution- €7.99 - HMV

As I have stated above, I will be travelling to get to and from the concert. I will be with my friends but there is a possibility of them all falling asleep. I just like to have my earphones with me regardless of the situation.

             - Fluffy Socks -

I got mine in a multipack in Primark. I cannot remember what price but I am sure they were very cheap. I feel after the concert I will want to take my feet out of my docs after a long day of walking and standing. Fluffy socks are the way to go!

Right now I am incredibly hyped for this concert. I will definitely have a blog post up about the whole day and the concert on Saturday or Sunday, depending on my level of exhaustion. I hope you enjoyed this post.

Are you going to a concert this year? Let me know in the comments! 

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Thursday, 16 July 2015

● The Bob - A 2015 Trend ●

Recently, I have started to notice that a huge number of celebrities and public figures have been following a particular trend - that being the bob hairstyle. People have been chopping their long locks for a shorter hairdo and I have been obsessed with it - the textured bob in particular. Here are a few people that have been rocking this trendy, short hairdo.

Lily Collins
Vanessa Hudgens

Emma Stone

Acacia Brinley

Note how each of these women have different facial structures yet they all pull off this look so incredibly well! For so long I have wanted to chop my hair but I've been too scared. I'm thinking once
my grad (( prom )) is over with I might pluck up the courage to do this.

Of course there are so many other bob styles and ways to style a bob cut. For example, Lily Rose Depp pulls off the blunt bob so well and Taylor Swift's bob looks incredible with her full fringe.

Taylor Swift

Lily-Rose Depp

 Would you consider chopping your hair?  Let me know in the comments!

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Monday, 13 July 2015

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<a href="">Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>

Welcome to my Blog

Hello! I am Caoimhe and this blog is an insight of my interests and my reoccuring thoughts. This is going to be a " quick " introduction of myself and this blog.

Credits to whoever drew/made the transparents



 Firstly, why did I make this blog?

I have always wanted to make a blog to be honest. I am constantly reading other people's blogs and I have always admired people for creating their own personal space on the internet to talk about their interests. I actually tried to make a blog last year. It was a pretty bad time to make one because it was such a busy year. I was about to step into Leaving Cert life, which meant that I had to put my exams before everything else. They became my priority, thus not giving me time to put the effort I wanted to put into my posts. However, I have now completed the Leaving Cert and I have the time to create the blog that I wanted to create. I decided that I would make it instead of daydreaming or thinking about making one.


About Me!

I am a seventeen year old living in Ireland. My blog title is Irish for my name is Caoimhe. Like most teenagers, I spend quite a lot of time listening to music. I have a strange music taste if I am being honest. It can range from bubble-gum pop to hardcore rock. That's quite the contrast! My favourite type of music is indie/alternative but, in saying that, I have a deep and profound love for One Direction. Other favourites include the 1975, 5sos, James Bay  Bae , Bastille, Hozier, the Kooks, Ed Sheeran, Demi Lovato and the Script.

I would describe myself as a creative person. I love writing, photography and I occasionally find myself doodling. I loved subjects like English in school because it allowed me to express myself through paper, which is good for someone who is quite shy like myself. I also have a huge love for history and art history. I love learning about the past  - I always have and I always will.

What to expect from my blog?

I have a ton of ideas for this blog already. I don't want to put a particular label on this blog because I have a wide range of ideas floating around in my mind. I guess if I was to categorise it, it would be a lifestyle blog.

Alright, this post is really dragged out but I felt it was important to introduce my blog and myself before getting stuck into my posts. I believe that I am serious about blogging this time. Okay, I shall leave this post here and see where this takes me.

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