Tuesday, 11 August 2015

• Rimmel Kate Moss 107 - My Thoughts •

I purchased this lipstick not too long ago after spending ages contemplating on whether I should get it or not. I have heard so many people rave about this lipstick - from beauty bloggers, youtubers, exetra. I decided that I would invest in it as it seemed like a good quality lipstick and for its price, €6.99, it was worth giving it a shot. So, the question is, is this lipstick worthy of the hype it gets? Let's get into it! 

                     • Colour •

The main reason I wanted to invest in this lipstick, was mainly due to its colour. It is a blue-toned red that is perfect with almost any look. I knew this lipstick would be a staple item in my makeup collection for anything - from a daytime look to a night look. I am in awe with this colour and I would give it a high rating, purely on the colour alone.

                 • Packaging 

Most lipsticks come in a very basic packaging that usually looks quite drab. However, this lipstick is an exception. Its packaging is quite unique compared to most lipsticks. It is a bold red colour with Kate Moss's signature across the top. I believe that this contributes to how much this lipstick range stand out.


                  • Is it drying? • 

For a matte lipstick, it wasn't completely drying, which was a bonus for me. I always fear buying lipsticks, and lip products in general, because if they are really drying, I tend not to use them. This lipstick, however, is definitely wearable.

              • Is it lasting? • 

The answer to that is yes! I went out with it on and when I came back, it was still on, without any smudges! The only downer is that I actually struggled to get it off. Other then that, I am delighted with how well it stays on.

            • Overall Thoughts • 

I absolutely love this lipstick. I was actually smiling so much when I put it on, because I knew it was going to be an all time favourite in my makeup collection. I will definitely buy it again and I will also invest in some of the other lipsticks in this range. Rimmel gets a big round of applause from me!

Have you got any of the lipsticks in this range? Let me know in the comments and make sure to leave some recommendations on which ones I should pick up! 

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  1. I adore this colour too, it's gorgeous! I think it'll look great in the winter. For a brighter, Taylor Swift-esque red I suggest 01 Red Nose Red in the same range.
    I can't wait to try out the new Rimmel Kate Moss nude lipstick range either!


    1. I love it so much! It's definitely become one of my ultimate favourites in my makeup collection and I will be wearing it a lot during the winter :) thank you for your suggestion! I will definitely look into it :) x

      | Caoimhe xo |

  2. I have the Kate Moss lipstick in 111, and its sooo nice, it's a real bright, vibrant red and i'd really recommend it for brunettes! I love your blog, it's literally goals!

    Lots of love,
    Marshmallow Skies

    1. Thank you, I am brunette so I will definitely give that a try! :) aw thank you so much! That's so sweet :) xo

      | Caoimhe xo |

  3. I love this lipstick so much! The Kate Moss Rimmel ones are definitely some of the best on the highstreet!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  4. I have this lipstick, and it's my fave. I think I'm known for this being my staple lippy, if I don't wear it people are like ummm who's this? Haha