Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Room Tour | Festive Edition

Hello! I hope you are all having a wonderful day. 

As November is rapidly coming to a close, it is getting more and more acceptable to talk about Christmas and get into the festivities of it all. In fact, it is only a month until Christmas Eve! How exciting. 

I am a sucker when it comes to anything to do with Christmas. Everyone that would know me personally would tell you that straight away. I decorated my room around two weeks ago. I know what you are all thinking: oh my god that was way too early!!! I couldn't help it. It is not just the Christmas part that I love about it. I love how calming and relaxing it is. I decided it would be nice to give you an sneak peak into my decorations that I have put in my room so far. I hope you enjoy! 

Before I get into this I would like to apologise for the quality of some of my photos. The lighting was not particularly the best.

My mini Christmas tree. I absolutely love this. My Mom got me this last year and I think it is so adorable.

What's a Christmassy room without some fairy lights? I purchased these in Pennys ( or Primark as it is commonly known ) and they add so much to this room. They are so cute.

My mini Santa. My favourite thing about this is that when you flick on its switch underneath, it lights up in different colours and star shapes reflect against the wall. 

I got this last year in the 2 Euro shop. I like having it hang off of my wardrobe. It adds so much Christmas vibes to my room.

I put this tartan scarf over my dressing table to add a Christmassy / Winter vibe to it. I decided because I don't wear this scarf that much, I wanted to put it to some use. I think it makes my room that little more cosier. 

I love how it looks so far. It makes me feel really relaxed and it makes studying a little bit more bearable. My candle isn't a Christmas candle, it has a simple scent that is very soothing and it doesn't make my room smell too strong. I wish I could keep my room like this all year long. I hope you liked seeing my decorations so far! I am sure that I may buy some more within the next few weeks. Thank you for reading this.


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