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My Month in a Nutshell | November 2015

Hello everyone! I cannot believe we are almost at the final month of 2015. It is quite scary to tell you the truth. I decided instead of a monthly favourites post, I would do a new series on my blog called 'My Month in a Nutshell'. Here it goes!

November has been quite a hectic month for me. I have had so many assignments to hand in and a lot of preparations for exams, which are starting next week. My assignments have been helpful so far because I seem to be in a good position in relation to my grades. It is because of this that I am not stressing too much over my tests. It's also great because my lecturers more or less told us what is coming up on the exams, which is so relieving. I have a reading week now so I have been tipping away at study. My exam timetable has worked out pretty well which also brings stress levels down. I have four exams and then I'll be finished on the 18th of December. I am looking forward to getting off for Christmas as I will be off for more than a month.

I have managed to have a catch up with my friends on different occasions. I went out with one of my friends for lunch and I had a nice chat with her about how I am really feeling about college. It was nice to finally have a heart to heart. I met another one of my friends randomly at the bus stop while I was on my way to college. I had a lovely chat with her on the bus. I am really looking forward to being able to catch up with my friends properly over the Christmas holidays.

Speaking of buses, bus journeys can be extremely boring, I'm not going to lie. In order to make them more entertaining, I listen to music. An album that I have been absolutely loving at the moment is Made in the A.M by One Direction. I have loved this band for so long. This album is honestly incredible. Their vocal and songwriting abilities are definitely showcased throughout the entire album. I cannot pick a favourite it is that good. I am so proud of these boys. It is an album that should be listened to, even if you aren't a fan of them. This album will change your opinion of them. 

In relation to songs I have been loving the following:

• Chasers by The Academic
• Jackie and Wilson by Hozier
• The Feeling by Justin Bieber and Halsey
• Catch Me If You Can by Walking on Cars
• Youth by Daughter
• Waste the Night by 5SOS
• Get Loose by The Coronas

As my weeks have been getting busier, I have taken up meditation. Every night I meditate before I go to sleep. I have been using Tara Brach's website. It has been so benificial for me. My sleeping pattern has improved and it completely relaxes me, helping my worries drift away for a while. It is great and if your thoughts tend to get in the way of your sleep, meditation is the way to go. I will leave a link to Tara Brach's website at the end of this post.

My love for reading has also grown in the past month or so. I recently read a book that has had a huge impact on me; Me and My Mate Jeffery by Niall Breslin ( Bressie ). This book has helped me so much in relation to learning how to live with anxiety. If you live with anxiety or know someone who does, you should really read this book. It is extremely helpful. Bressie was incredibly brave to write this book and he has helped so many people in Ireland. 

I finally tried a gingerbread latte in Costa after wanting to for over a year. It did not disappoint. I am not the biggest coffee drinker but I really enjoyed it. I absolutely loved the little penguin Christmas cup and the little gingerbread man that came with it was so adorable. I sat upstairs in Costa and watched the rain patter against the window whilst I sipped on my drink, feeling all warm and cosy.

I am currently trying to organise what presents I need to get for people. I am feeling quite unorganised with it all to be honest. I am hoping that tomorrow will sort that out. I am going to Galway to see the Christmas markets and go shopping. ( yes, there should be a blog post up about it later this week )

My love for photography is growing more and more each day. Here are a few pictures I took this month:

I bought myself a hot water bottle this month as the one I had before was quite old. This one is so much better. My Mom also bought me a cool vintage glass which came with a candy cane coloured straw. I love it so much! 

I have been wearing my mustard infinity scarf non-stop. It is so so cosy and the fact that it only cost me €2.50 is amazing! 

So there you have it, my November in a nutshell. I really enjoyed writing this post. I hope you enjoyed reading it. I hope you all had a great month and hopefully December will be happy and merry!

Tara Brach's Guided Meditations:

Note: This post is not sponsored. All opinions are my own.

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