Friday, 6 November 2015

• Ways to Destress •

Hello and happy Friday! I hope you are all having a great evening. If some of you haven't seen my last blog post, I just want to say I am very sorry for neglecting this blog. I also want to say that I decided to change my url because I felt that IsMissCaoimhe did not catch on as much as I thought it would. Faith-Trust-PixiieDust reminds me greatly of my childhood due to my obsession with Peter Pan. I've missed blogging and I will be posting once a week from now on. Let's get on with the post! 


With the months flying by, I feel that this time of year can be stressful for everyone. Christmas is fast approaching which can be quite a busy time of year. I have had so many assignments and I will have tests coming up and I am sure this is the case with a lot of people around this time of year. I have been doing some activities to destress and get those anxiety levels down. 

Note: I am no expert in this area. I am still learning how to deal with anxiety and stress. I am a seventeen year old and I just want to share how I destress.

• Express how you are feeling •

It is very important to let out how you are feeling, whether you do it through talking it out, writing, singing - whatever makes you feel comfortable. Bottling up feelings is not a good thing to do. I guarantee you once you have let out your feelings, you will have a weight lifted off of your chest.

• Drink some tea •

I have always associated tea with relaxing and when I am having a bad day, tea is something that makes me feel ten times better. In the evening time I recommend drinking a decaffeinated tea or some herbal tea. Caffeine can actually keep you up during the night if you drink it a few hours before you go to bed, which is not good if your anxiety and stress levels are high. If you are a massive tea drinker like myself ( and everyone that is Irish haha ) I recommend Robert Roberts decaf tea. It tastes exactly like any good tea except it does not contain any caffeine.

• Go for a walk •

Taking a walk can be very calming. Being surrounded by nature and taking in fresh air can really clear your head. Plus if you are an Instagram addict, you can take some cool pictures to make your feed on point.. but in all seriousness, going out for a walk can be the key to clearing your head.

• Listen to music, read a book - do whatever you love to make yourself feel better •

This is key for me! I absolutely love reading and it helps me feel much better about my worries. Listening to music can also be very calming for me. I have a blog post up called My Less Stress Playlist which is very helpful and calming. Do whatever it is you love doing and that you know will make you feel happier.

• Buy a colouring book! •

This may sound very silly but it honestly works. I have read so many things online about people buying colouring books for adults and I felt that maybe that would be a good thing to invest in. I was walking through Tiger one day and I saw one there for around €4 and I had to buy it. It was a really good investment. It is a great way to unwind after a long day. 

• Calm Breathing •

This is definitely a great way to destress. I downloaded an app called MindShift. There is a section in this app when you can go into relaxation tools and go into calm breathing. You can either click a male or female voice and it talks you through breathing exercises. This helps me immensely. If you feel any bit anxious during the day, find a quiet space and use this app. It is so helpful.

I hope this post was helpful to at least one person. I know these things seem really basic but honestly sometimes the simplist things are overlooked. Leave a comment if you have any tips on feeling calmer and less stressed.

Thank you for reading this post! ❣

Caoimhe xo

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